Root of All…

Welcome to the Vernal Equinox Tarot Blog Hop. Today’s topic, as set by yours truly, is the role of Tarot in relation to money. Before we get our teeth into this meaty and bunny-free topic, here are some navigation links to help you find your way to my neighbouring posts or, if you’re lost, the master list.


Back to the matter in hand…

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Devil of a Time

The next card I’d hoped to bring you was gong to be The Devil. Unfortunately, the Devil has had other ideas with first my camera getting broken and being off repaired for 3 weeks, and now it’s the turn of my MacBook, which decided to go phut on Wednesday and is off being repaired for a week. *sigh*

Fortunately, (and I say that with everything crossed), it was the graphics unit that perished and all my pics and data is safe….just completely inaccessible at the moment. I took the precaution of swapping out the hard drive so that I could still access everything, but it refuses to be mounted as an external drive on another machine.

So with one thing and another and half term, I still haven’t set up the shoot, let alone taken the pictures.

I have not been entirely idle, however, and have been swotting up on night and stellar photography. Living in the centre of town (and in the South East) makes it a little problematic when it comes to finding dark skies locally, but I think I may retake The Hermit and play around with light painting a little until I find a good location 🙂



I am bereft! Bereft of camera and just…well…bereft. My lovely Olympus camera has developed a fault. It makes whirring, clunking noises and refuses to start. In short, it needs to be sent off for repair. I feel almost as if a friend had died. Not a close friend, not one worthy of tears and despair, but a friend nonetheless. A companion whom I have come to regard with fondness and one whose absence will leave a camera-shaped hole in my life. I am weeping inside 🙁

In practial terms, I am devoid of all the lovely functionality I am rapidly becoming accustomed to having at my fingertips. This is particularly galling since, after taking some passably acceptable pics of the total lunar eclipse the other night, I’d planned to photograph the starry sky tomorrow night, which promises to be a clear one. I have other cameras, of course, but none which will supply the specific functionality allowing me to see the shot as it develops. I had also planned to get The Devil card done this weekend. Oh, woe is me!

Anyway, the long and short of it is that progress on this project may be delayed for a while until my Olympus has been resurrected and we are reunited. I have no idea how long this might take. I will try to continue to plot and scheme and do what I can, so continue to watch this space.






This post is part of the Tarot Blog Hop and our wrangler, Maureen, asked us “which card in the Tarot most corresponds with your own interpretation of the second harvest of the Autumnal Equinox” and invited us to create this card ourselves. But before we continue to my efforts in this regard, here are the links to enable you to navigate this Hop:


I must admit that I initially misread the specification for this Hop and was all set to create a new card, but after a long and busy Summer, my muse is off on her holidays somewhere and all I can think about is my planned Devil card. (Coming soon – watch this space!) I think you’ll agree that the Devil doesn’t really fit the bill on any level when it comes to a representation of the Equinox or, indeed, Autumn, and I was left scratching my head. That said, it has inspired me to add some additional cards to my deck to explicitly represent the seasons, so again, watch this space! 😀 Read more “Cornucopia”


I finally arranged my photo shoot for the Magician card last week and have waded through the pictures to shortlist a couple. What can I say about the Magician except that he is a bit of a trickster, a transformer of elements and a puller of rabbits out of hats. “May you live in interesting times” is a Chinese curse and although I see the Magician as largely benign, he can be a right pain sometimes 😉

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Decisions, Decisions

This post is part of the Tarot Blog Hop and our wrangler, Joanne, asked us to write about “your take on the influence of the Sun and/or Mercury in the Tarot or your favorite oracle deck”. Before we proceed onto the subject of my favourite deck, here are the links to enable you to navigate this Hop:


As you may be aware, I’m a Gemini, so I know first hand about those Mercurial shifts, so I’ll just reassure you now that I’m still very much enthused about this deck and my eyes have not yet slid away to gaze upon pastures newer. Besides, it would be rather rude of me not to choose my own deck on this website, so you may take it as read that I’ll be talking about Meniscus today 😀

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Tudor Coinage

The creation of this deck is something of a mixture of planning, opportunism and pleasant surprises. Some of the cards, such as The Hermit and Fool, are quite deliberately set up (I’d say carefully, but in all honesty it’s usually a bit more haphazard). For others, I seek out situations or events where I hope that the image I have in mind will manifest, e.g., The Hanged Man. The best is when I get a pleasant surprise by stumbling on just the right scenario.

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If The Suit Fits

The latest dilemma I seem to be facing in creating this deck, is the naming of the Minor Arcana suits. I’ve made a start on a few of the Minor Arcana cards and then it occurred to me that the “traditional” suit names don’t all *quite* work for me. Of course, traditions vary, depending on the tradition you happen to choose and its origins. Mind you, at least the plethora of fanciful modern alternatives has no appeal, since I can’t be doing with riffling through the LWB to look up which suit Chandeliers or Boulders or Dog Biscuits is supposed to be, so that narrows down the choices a tad.

Swords is a no-brainer for the…umm..Swords suit. I didn’t think twice about that one. I like swords and everyone knows where they stand with a sword. (Tip: I find that if you aren’t holding the blunt end, then out of range of the pointy end works best).

The other suits are a little more tricky.

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