Balancing Act

Welcome to another edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. Our wrangler has given us the Mabon theme of “how can the balance be restored”, but before we explore that, here are the navigation links:




Balance, or the lack thereof, does seem to be a bit of a theme in my life right now and it has also appeared with regularity in this deck, with several more yet-to-be-created cards tugging at the balance theme. Indeed, I was startled to see that I wrote a post about balance for self-same Blog Hop this time last year. You can read it here. It’s called “Balance” funnily enough, and dealt with my rather hurriedly produced Temperance card. So, done that then!

So, now the obvious card has been removed, what others deal with balance? Quite a few, actually. Both Justice and Judgment in this deck also feature scales, suggesting balance. Then there is the juggling Two of Pentacles (argh! argh! argh! still haven’t managed to photograph my juggler*!), and also the Six of Pentacles (nope, haven’t done that one yet either), both dealing with balance.  

* I know a couple of suitable candidates, but when they are working, so am I and our paths don’t cross frequently, which tends to make organising a photo shoot tricky :/

All of the aforementioned Majors are in the bag, and the plan was to have both of those pesky Minors done by now too, since I broadly have an idea of the image I want. In fact, the 6 of Pentacles was even discussed in my last Blog Hop contribution, which, somewhat embarrassingly, was back at the beginning of May. I think its safe to say that there has been a distinct lack of balance in my life over summer and consequently a lack of progress with this deck. *sigh*

So, the balance thing…erm, nope, none of that in my life right now. What I do have is plenty of excess, or as I prefer to think of it: Abundance! I have an abundance of project, work and other stuff to get done. There is an abundance of fruit at present – I came home today with a bag of blackberries and a few lovely windfall cooking apples, I’ve been collecting rosehips (though there is only so much snagging and scratching I can cope with at one time), and I am busily adding to my freezer stores of wild mushrooms whenever the occasion permits.  Thus is the complete and utter absence of balance in my life, I give you….*pauses for a drum roll*…Abundance, with a capital “A” and of an entirely material nature:



Yes, I know there are no people in it, but I always think the people in the RWS 10 of Pentacles look like a right miserable bunch! Here we have abundance and opulence – a feast laid out in an oak-panelled hall, just waiting to be enjoyed by the occupants of the manor.

It also seems that, according to my sources, today’s date (and thus the Equinox) rather neatly corresponds to the 10 of Coins, so this is really not off-topic at all. In summary, bugger balance, let’s raise a glass** or a pie or something indulgent, to Abundance and all whole sail in her!

** of something non-alcoholic in my case, as I’m doing dry September in aid of Children’s Brain Cancer, and since it is a charity, I have no qualms in plugging the link to make a donation yet again. Do please spare a few shekels if you can.

On that worthy note, it only remains for me to point you towards the links for your onward journey to my neighbours and ask that you take a moment to leave a comment before you travel on. Thank you!



Aaaaand, rest…


Managed to get this post in a whole couple of hours before the deadline, so I thought I’d give you another card I’ve been working on (that has been on the back burner for months). Enjoy!





7 thoughts on “Balancing Act”

  1. I love that your ten of coins allows me to imagine a variety of people and circumstances for which that food could have been gathered. I want to be invited to that table!

  2. That’s an awesome Ten of Coins. Where did you take the photo? Nice Four of Swords too. Seems like your busy-ness took you around to some interesting places to shoot tarot cards, perhaps?

    1. Actually, I took both of them around this time last year! The knight is at All Saints Church in Herstmonceux and the feast was at Michelham Abbey, both of which I traded at last August/September.

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