The Hierophant

The Hierophant is also known as The Pope, but that begs the question, which one? The role is more an institution rather than any individual, and when you think of an organisation such as The Church, it is not those who run it that spring to mind, but the physical structures – churches, cathedrals, schools. So, I opted to ditch the man in a symbolic hat and glory in ecclesiastical architecture as a representation of hierarchy and the concept of order within human structures.

This cathedral is Victorian, so it lacks some of the quirkiness and impressive longevity of Medieval cathedrals. Nonetheless, it has soaring pillars and vaulted ceilings and that’s good enough for me. The geometry and the undeniable stability of such a structure speaks of order and demands awe. It says that there is most definitely a top to this tree. Pope? Pah! You need to be God with a capital “G” to get to the top of this one, but meanwhile,  you must find your place among the lower branches and they are all fair game.

Still prefer a bloke in a hat?

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