Welcome to another Tarot Blog hop post. In this, the Hallowe’en/Samhain instalment, we have been asked to seek guidance from our ancestors or ghosts on what we need to work on in the year to come. First, I must present you with the navigation links to guide you to my neighbours:


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Sadly, my own ancestors have long since been six foot under and my spirits are mostly in bottles, so they aren’t really in a position to dispense wisdom. As for veils, I doubt they ever had much truck with those being, to the best of my knowledge, of solid peasant stock and more likely to be in a nice, practical headscarf. I, however, am very much and quite vocally alive, plus I’ve always had rather a longing to swathe myself in veiled mystery in the form of a nice hat. Furthermore, what am I if not the product of my ancestors? Who better to speak for them?

Thus, if you are looking for guidance, you will just have to be content with my newly created, just for you, Good Advice Deck, or Grandma’s Advice Deck, if you prefer. (You can’t say I don’t put effort into these posts.) I even named it so that when you receive the solution to your burning dilemma and attain enlightenment, you can quite correctly ejaculate: “By GAD, I’ve got it!” whilst dancing around the room in delighted relief.

So, without further ado, I give you the fruits of my labours (and boy did I labour, not least to try and work out how to do this animated deck thingy so it would work in a WordPress post!)

Click to begin and click to stop to see which card you get…


Most of the cards are self-explanatory, but if you land on one of the slightly cryptic ones, just post a comment and I’ll explain 😀

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8 thoughts on “By GAD!”

  1. I love what I’ve seen of this deck on your website (and at the conference this year). Sadly I can’t make your video clip play in slow motion so it’s a bit of a whirlwind tour 🙂
    The veiled mystery of hats…now there’s a post just waiting to be written!

    1. LOL That’s the whole point. It’s a card picker – you hit the pause button and it shows you the card 😀 I will be making a page for the full deck in due course, but I thought it would be more fun just to release random glimpses for the time being.

  2. Ok… I cheated a little and kept clicking until I got it to stop on the dog with false teeth! Yup, it gave me a smile for the day! 😀

    1. LOL. The smile got shredded 5 mins after the picture was taken. The chew part, known as the dog’s knob, is still knocking about 😀

  3. Oh this is so fun! I got “Be Still” then “Beware of Rocks” and then “Grease the Wheels”. PERFECT, what a natural progression of great advice 🙂

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