Ice Queen

Welcome to my contribution for the Spring Equinox Tarot Blog Hop. The theme for this Hop, or at least the one of the two options that I have chosen, is “Out of the whole deck, what card or cards would you say represent you either professionally or personally?” Before we continue, let me first present you with the navigation links to my neighbours and the master list.



The slight snag with this theme is that I don’t yet have a whole deck to draw upon, but on the plus side, it does give me a much-needed kick up the backside incentive to create a new card. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I have had far too long a hiatus and if the Tarot contained a “Procrastination” card, that would have to be the card I must choose. Though, to be fair, there has been a large element of the 10 of Wands at work too*

*Would that constitute a hiatus hernia?

So which card would I choose to represent me? Anyone who knows me will agree that it would have to be from the suit of Swords. Not because I like to carry sharp, pointing bits of steel, (though I rarely go anywhere without a Swiss Army knife to hand…albeit mostly for the scissors), rather that I tend towards logic and objective reason over emotion. This is not to say that I lack emotion, or indeed repress it, simply that I do not allow it to rule me and will step back into objectivity, where possible.

OK, so not entirely:

But most definitely not this!

Then there is my acerbic wit and, often inappropriate, sense of humour – poke life with a sharp, pointy thing we must, mmm! I have learned not to over-think things over the years, mostly with the aid of aforementioned humour, and also alcohol.

Of course, I appreciate that most of us are rather more multi-dimensional and complex than a single card can represent, so I’m focusing on dominant characteristics, which brings me to Staves (Wands) and Coins (Pentacles). Yep, I have some of those characteristics too. From the Staves I get some creativity and (a bit of) get-up-and-go, though mostly I prefer the plotting and scheming part of projects, which is the Swords creeping out again. As for Coins, my love of material things is sometimes enthusiastic, but tends to be fleeting. I do have a strong practical and hands-on streak, not to mention pragmatism and the tendency to cater (food and drink) in biblical proportions. though I think that may all be more Polish than Pentacle. 

What of the Majors then? Much as I would like to think of myself as a Force Majeur, I don’t really identify with any of the Majors other than The Star, which is more an underlying  philosophical position that things will work out alright, than a reflection of my personality.

To cut a growingly lengthy story short then, I very firmly see myself as predominantly in the Swords suit, but which one? Well, probably all of them to a greater or lesser degree  at some time of another, though definitely some more than others. I’ve been to the 3, 9 and 10 of Swords, but it’s not where I hang my hat or linger. Prevarication (2) and excuses (8), when convenient – oh, I just can’t! – are far more familiar territory and don’t pick a fight with me (5), you will lose! My poky, pointy Ace is where I am more at home – I love edjumykashun* and starting new intellectual pursuits. Hence, I will probably be laid out on a slab before I get any mental downtime (4). Finally, I lack the patience for both modern travel and treading on eggshells (6), mostly because…people; but usually I’m not afraid to do what is necessary, even if it takes me (and other people) out of the comfort zone (7).  But none of these are really where I see myself. 


So let us focus on the courts, the traditional significators. I’m too experienced wise long in the tooth to see myself as a Page. I still have some of the impulsiveness of the Knight and charge in to the rescue, but mostly I have learnt to take a deep breath first…and then I rush in, if the situation requires some rushing. As for the King, I can totally do the objective judgement, but he’s far too po-faced and sober, not to mention utterly humourless, to be me. that just leaves Queenie. Well, anyone who knows me could have skipped over most of this post as they’d know it was just a long-winded ramble to arrive at the card I identify with most! Yep, I do like the no nonsense, rapier-witted, (verbal) kick-arse Queen of Swords. Sure, she can be a bit on the icy side, but only until she decides whether you are not a waste of breath. Welcome to my, only slightly, ice queen…well, a couple of versions of her. (Neither is me, btw)

The one on the left is a bit more icy, but i quite like the one on the right and yellow(ish) is often associated with Swords. I’ve never felt the QoS is devoid of warmth, simply that she is a bit more discerning about sharing it. So, I’m going to go all 2 of Swords and sit on the fence, leaving it up to you to decide. Ha! How’s that for avoidance?

Which of these appeals to you as the Queen of Swords and which way should she be facing? RWS has her facing to the right, or forwards to the future, as I think of it. I don’t really think of her as looking to the past – she is not very prone to nostalgia or dwelling on the past, so she makes more sense to me that way. (I only had her the other way because that is the orientation in the original photo.) I can turn her around for either colour, so don’t let that influence your choice in that respect.

Queen of Swords: Warm or Cool?

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Which way should this queen face?

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14 thoughts on “Ice Queen”

  1. I like her looking back, because I feel like the Queen of Swords can see through the lies, which are usually about what happened in the past… But I like looking forward too. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, I can see that about the looking back, though perhaps the impact on the present and future would matter to her more? The Queen of Pentacles is one I should probably reverse, as I think she looks to her roots and draws upon them. I may have to do that!

  2. I too arrived at the Queen of Swords as well for this Ostara Tarot Blog Hop! And I totally agree: she is not devoid of emotions… just more discerning as to who is deserving of seeing them, getting through her defenses. She doesn’t suffer fools lightly, and as you said, only gives energy to those who prove worthy of her time and attention. Love it! Go check out my post, fellow QoS!

    1. Hail, fellow QoS! I am working my way around the Hop and look forward to reading your take on her πŸ˜€

  3. Funny — at first I thought she seemed about to cry, something odd about the eyes and mouth, but then when I enlarged it I realized she has a mask on. Once I could see the mask, it was clear she was perfectly happy. However, I thought the overall impression has a certain relevance to the Queen of Swords (maybe not to you, though!). I love the crown!!

    1. Yes, I forgot to draw attention to the mask. Initially it did make me think she looked a bit odd in the picture, but I quite like the idea of the QoS being masked. She doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve and it can be quite hard to know what she is feeling, even though she will always tell you what she is thinking!

  4. You know, the idea of a procrastination card for the deck isn’t a bad one; you could replace the Hanged Man for example with Procrastination, as essentially it is the same concept in theory… It also just completely appeals to my warped sense of humour at the same time.

    Thanks for hopping in this months cycle, greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

    1. I tend to think of the Majors as things that Life imposes on us, rather than a matter of choice, so it would have to be a Minor rather than a Major card for me. So the Hanged Man would be, for example, a house sale being delayed because someone in the chain pulled out, rather than Procrastination in the form of delaying signing the contract, or not putting the house on the market.

    1. Hadn’t though of 4 of Cups that way, but yes, I can see that. 2 of Swords is my sitting on the fence card πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Ania, I think I prefer the blue-white colouring. It conveys the cynicism that I recognise in the Queen of Swords; the sepia version feels rather more charitable! My immediate thought on seeing your image was “Miss Haversham” – mysterious and eccentric, manipulating and vengeful, brittle and cruel, but fundamentally a woman whose loving heart has been irredeemably broken…

    1. Ooh, I like the Miss Haversham imagery, though I think she is a tad too bitter and twisted for the QoS. She is too emotional, perhaps more a QoC reversed?

  6. I went back and forth, but settled on the sepia. There is that sense of the mourning queen in the meanings for this one, so I don’t see her as ice cold, just very careful about how she presents herself to the world (the mask idea fits very well). But like all Queens, she likes to help, she’s just quite direct and no-nonsense about it.

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