Devil of a Time

The next card I’d hoped to bring you was gong to be The Devil. Unfortunately, the Devil has had other ideas with first my camera getting broken and being off repaired for 3 weeks, and now it’s the turn of my MacBook, which decided to go phut on Wednesday and is off being repaired for a week. *sigh*

Fortunately, (and I say that with everything crossed), it was the graphics unit that perished and all my pics and data is safe….just completely inaccessible at the moment. I took the precaution of swapping out the hard drive so that I could still access everything, but it refuses to be mounted as an external drive on another machine.

So with one thing and another and half term, I still haven’t set up the shoot, let alone taken the pictures.

I have not been entirely idle, however, and have been swotting up on night and stellar photography. Living in the centre of town (and in the South East) makes it a little problematic when it comes to finding dark skies locally, but I think I may retake The Hermit and play around with light painting a little until I find a good location 🙂


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