Tudor Coinage

The creation of this deck is something of a mixture of planning, opportunism and pleasant surprises. Some of the cards, such as The Hermit and Fool, are quite deliberately set up (I’d say carefully, but in all honesty it’s usually a bit more haphazard). For others, I seek out situations or events where I hope that the image I have in mind will manifest, e.g., The Hanged Man. The best is when I get a pleasant surprise by stumbling on just the right scenario.

Just such an occasion presented itself last weekend, when I discovered Henry VIII and his family just begging to become my Coins Court cards. I was particularly delighted because I had imagined the Tudors for the suit of Coins, but had expected to have to visit Hampton Court or another Tudor period-specific event in order to find them.

I had already found the Knight of Coins at Eltham Palace, (Henry VIII’s childhood home), the previous weekend and although he is not technically quite of the same period, I do rather like him. The King, Queen and Princess were all together, which is rather splendid in terms of having a Court family unit that genuinely belong together.

So without further ado, here they are: (Click on the image to go to its page for more information)



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  1. I could have done with less white tablecloth and more Henry for the King, but that’s the trouble with “found” rather than staged shots, you just jave to make the best you can of them 🙂

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