If The Suit Fits

The latest dilemma I seem to be facing in creating this deck, is the naming of the Minor Arcana suits. I’ve made a start on a few of the Minor Arcana cards and then it occurred to me that the “traditional” suit names don’t all *quite* work for me. Of course, traditions vary, depending on the tradition you happen to choose and its origins. Mind you, at least the plethora of fanciful modern alternatives has no appeal, since I can’t be doing with riffling through the LWB to look up which suit Chandeliers or Boulders or Dog Biscuits is supposed to be, so that narrows down the choices a tad.

Swords is a no-brainer for the…umm..Swords suit. I didn’t think twice about that one. I like swords and everyone knows where they stand with a sword. (Tip: I find that if you aren’t holding the blunt end, then out of range of the pointy end works best).

The other suits are a little more tricky.

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