Holy Juniper Berries!

And now for something competely different! This is the first outing for this blog on the Tarot Blog Hop and for this edition, our wrangler, Alison, has allowed us to just choose a card and write about it, rather than setting a specific topic. Before I launch into my post, here are the links for my neighbours and the master list.


If you are of a certain age and culture, there are a great many things you can’t think of without the overlay of Monty Python humour. If you fall into this category and someone mentions, for example, parrots, the Messiah, lumberjacks, rabbits, Antioch, The Last Supper, getting stoned (in the Biblical…umm…judicial sense) or, indeed, hermits, your brain immediately converts it via the Python Filter. What you hear in your head (in summary) are phrases like: he’s pining for the fjords…pushing up daisies…, he’s not the Messiah he’s a naughty boy, I’m OK – I sleep all night…suspendies and a bra, that rabbit’s dynamite, holy hand-grenade, I may not know much about art…, Jehovah and juniper berries, respectively. Plus a whole host of other associated quotes. It can make it very difficult to take a great many things seriously 😀

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