In Search of Justice and a Knight in Shining Armour

It’s been all go on photographing for the deck the last couple of weeks. I posted a couple of possibilities for the Wheel on the Facebook page recently and received some very useful feedback there and via shares, so I will be re-photographing the Ferris Wheel later in the year. It was my original vision for the card anyway 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, when I snapped the Round Table, I also found my Emperor. I think that he’d make an excellent King of Swords too, but I am trying to keep the Minors as real people rather than statues, which are fine for the archetypes in the Majors. And so, statues vs. people…

Justice is, as you might expect, Justice from the pinnacle of the Central Criminal Courts on Old Bailey*. She is quite high up and there is a large building facing her that makes photographing her face on from the street completely impossible. Or, at least, you end up with a very foreshortened figure and good view up her nose if you do.

*Old Bailey is the name of the road, not the courts.

The Nostrils of Justice


OK, so she does look quite imposing standing up on high like that, but the Nostrils of Justice don’t really do it for me.

Thus, it was (some distance) across the street to a nice little churchyard with a slender view betwixt trees and buildings of the old bird. Fortunately, I just happen to have a very big zoom lens (600mm equivalent) that I *cough* accidentally bought last week, just in case (It was a bargain, really!) 😀11-Justice

The perspective is better and I quite like the angle of her arms. Besides, the scales of Justice aren’t always that evenly balanced.

As  always, your comments are welcome 🙂


On this particular trip, I also managed to get my Strength card:

08-StrengthYes, more statuary, but a person too. Though I stumbled on a perfect representation of Strength in the form of a statue:

Unfortunately, the orientation is all wrong for the card shape and the lady is facing the wrong way for an angle that would take in the lion’s face. Pity!

On the same trip, I also photographed a reserve Chariot in the event that I’m not happy with my other plan (this one was one of the original ones),  but I’m not going to reveal that one just yet. You’ll have to wait until I have both, then I will leave it to you to decide which you prefer ;D



Finally, I have managed to get a half decent picture* of St George, who will be my first Court card 😀



*It’s not easy photographing cantering horses over the heads of the massed spectators whilst also trying to keep an eye on one’s stall.

In summary, a very busy couple of weeks. I’ve probably missed some, so check out the main page for new cards and let me know what you think 🙂 Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version and there are sharing buttons on all the pages.


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  1. Too bad about the orientation on the Fortitude statue; not good for a card, but I like the real person one, also. Definitely like the second Justice better. 🙂

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