Hanging About

I went in search of my Hanged Man this weekend and after a certain amount of hanging about, on both our parts, I managed to find just the right image of him. It was an excellent performance of aerial theatre and the action was fast and furious on occasion. Thankfully, I have a continuous shot facility (or what used to be known as Motor Drive) so I can take 8 shots per second*.

* This can be quite problematic at times if I forget that the camera is on and that it can also take pictures if you touch the screen. I have had to delete a great many pictures of the ground and people’s feet. Just as well I’m only shooting pictures and not bullets!

The was a hanging woman as well and very good she was too. Here is the lady herself, hanging about, but I think you’ll agree that there is altogether too much movement there for the Hanged Man/Woman card:






If I can find a suitable piece of software to make something like those flick books we used to make at school to animate stick figures, I can splice together my pics and show her to you in action properly. If you know of such software, please do let me know.

Anyway, here is the Hanged Man:

12-Hanged Man

You can see him better on his own page here

3 thoughts on “Hanging About”

  1. ANia, you can use iMovie to place your pics one after the other to create a flick book effect…google time lapse movie in iMovie for better instructions. I’ve done it myself and its simple to do.
    As for the Hanging Man…perfect!

    1. Ooh thanks, Ruth. I shall give that a go. In retrospect, I regret not having taken a tripod and set up a movie camera to film the whole thing at the same time. I can film and simultaneously take stills on my camera, but the quality would not have been as high on the stills.

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