Completing the Majors

As you’ve probably realised, there are still a couple of cards pending in the Major Arcana: Temperance and Judgment. I have had several ideas for both – some feasible, others not. The same has been true of some of my ideas for a number of the other cards – The World would ideally have involved a trip into the upper atmosphere, if not actually space! Anyway, I’m almost there for both cards, I just need the weather to pick up a bit, since they are both  going to be outdoor images.

I’ve tried to retain elements of the RWS in many of my cards, so that they will be more easily recognisable and thus easier to work with, whilst at the same time creating something unique. So while I’m waiting for the opportune moment to complete the Major Arcana, I’d like to know what you consider to be essential elements or symbolism for the two remaining cards. For example, does Temperance have to contain water or jugs? Is it the Angel blowing the Final Trump* or the open coffins that says Judgment to you? Or maybe there is something else that evokes the spirit of these cards? 

I’d love to know and, if I haven’t already planned to, I’ll see if I can work in your preferences when I come to photograph them, so please leave your comments below πŸ™‚

*Apologies for any unfortunate associations that may evoke – I promise that this card will  most definitely not have the Orange One on it!

2 thoughts on “Completing the Majors”

  1. The trumpet and winged angel is all that I need for Judgement. Although am tempted to say upright cadavers in open coffins …. just to see what you can dream up πŸ˜€

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